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Nino Andriadze

Entrepreneur, founder of companies “Mindworks” and „Wise Nut”, management consultant, associate professor at Caucasus University Business School; academic programs manager at school of management, head of entrepreneur center at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.

The author of the following chapters:

First Chapter – Who is entrepreneur?
Second Chapter – Types of entrepreneurs and their challenges
Third Chapter – Key entrepreneurial competences
Fourth Chapter – Trend and its dynamics
Fifth Chapter – What can we learn from trend forecasters?
Sixth Chapter – Identifying future opportunities
Seventh Chapter – The process of innovation
Eighth Chapter – Design Thinking
Ninth Chapter – Consumer behavior
Twelfth Chapter – Entrepreneurial strategy
Fifteenth Chapter  – Social media and the entrepreneur
Sixteenth Chapter – Strategic communications
Eighteenth Chapter – Business plan

Suria Kumari

Entrepreneur, management consultant, financier, founder and executive director of  “Smith Georgia”.

Tenth Chapter – Simplified financial accounting and reporting.

Nona Zubitashvili

Doctor of Law, associate professor at International Black See University, invited lecturer at Ilia State University, member of accreditation expert league of National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement, senior legal advisor of Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency.

The author of the chapter XI – Management of human resources and self-effectiveness.

Ekaterine Babunashvili

Professional Certified Coach (PCC), business trainer, profiler, PHD of industrial and organizational psychology of Tbilisi State University, the co-founder and president of International Couching Federation (ICF) representation in Georgia.

Eleventh Chapter – Managing people and self-efficacy.

Elene Jgarkava

Doctor of business administration, dean of Caucasus University business school, associate professor, member of accreditation expert league of National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement.

Fourteenth Chapter – The role of marketing in entrepreneurship.

Shota Murtskhvaladze

Entrepreneur and management consultant, the managing partner of consultancy firm “Mindworks”, co-founder of online school “Codington”, invited lecturer of education administration program at the University of Georgia, technology education expert.

Thirteenth Chapter – Business plan.

Marika Zakareishvili

Invited lecturer at Ilia State University, the founder of the organization “Innovations for Inclusive Society”, a member of council for granting the permission of professional training and retraining programs of National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, member of scientific- consultancy council of education and science committee of the Parliament of Georgia, Expert of the program “Private sector Development and the Technical Professional Education and Training program of South Caucasus” of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Nineteenth Chapter – Vocational education and economic progress.